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Community Fitness Sessions

High quality, small group sessions lasting 60 minutes. Each session includes our “Signature 6” method: 1)squat, 2)hinge, 3)push, 4)pull, 5)core, 6)cardio. This is our proprietary method that gives you the BEST workout experience and helps you MAXIMIZE results!

Virtual Training Sessions

Do you own your own equipment or have access to equipment? Are you looking for accountability and want to safely train in a group environment? Then join our virtual memberships! Experience live coaching and workout alongside our Community Fitness sessions. *To ensure quality, virtual training sessions begin 15 minutes before our Community Fitness sessions start. During this time your coach will brief you on the workout, provide exercise and equipment swap suggestions, as well as offer scaling options.


(by appointment) FREE form based session focusing on the basic movements. You could also call it the “I don’t know what the heck I’m doing please help!” session. We recommend taking this class before attending group classes. Our goal is to ease any fears or concerns you might have so can you show up to training sessions moving correctly, safely and comfortably. Session can take up to an hour. Schedule your appointment now (+bring a friend, or two or three!) learn more

Open Gym

Full access to our gym during select non-session hours. Sweat at your own pace by following your own workout or our workout of the day.  As an added bonus – no shirt, no shoes, no problem! learn more

I want to thank you Jeff and Bree for providing me with the tools to put me on the path to improve my health.  Over the last year, I have lost 25 pounds and have improved my endurance since officially joining Alamo 180.

“Awesome class! Jeff is a phenomenal coach and really pays attention to your forms and techniques, and provides personalized instruction to newcomers who are not familiar with the workout. Great workout that is scaleable to individual level. Would definitely recommend this class.”

A full body workout! If you want to be able to do it all, come here. I never thought I’d be okay with running… I am now! Coach Jeff is patient, knowledgeable, experienced and fun. It is truly a family run business. Everyone is part of a team at Alamo 180 and everyone encourages you to push that much harder. Bree and Jeff are the best people to lead you on your journey towards being fit. I love this place and am blessed to be a part of it!”

“Awesome gym with great coaches. Jeff goes the extra mile to ensure each session is thoughtfully programmed and scaleable to all levels. Classes are challenging but fun. The clientele who go to this gym are a really nice group of people. I look forward to my workouts and I’m making great progress!”