Sharpest Spoon in the Drawer: Unplug

Sharpest Spoon in the Drawer: Unplug

The Sharpest Spoon In The Drawer: Musings on training, triathlon and life. by Coach Jeff945477_588961227790008_680079988_n


In our tech toy crazed society, we are all about the gadgets and apps.  What’s my pace, how far did I go?  Did I do a PR?

While tracking your training progress is beneficial, and sharing with your Facebook fans can be motivating, sometimes we can get carried away.

So unplug.

Take off the Garmin.  Take out the earbuds.  Turn off the iPod.  Leave your phone on silent and tucked out of sight and mind.  And enjoy the run.

Remind yourself why you do it.  Listen to your foot steps.  Look at your shadow.  Feel your heart beat.  Lose yourself in the run.

A whole new world may open itself to you when you do, and you just might fall in love with running all over again.

And you don’t have to be the sharpest spoon in the drawer to figure that out…


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