Siclovia – Alamo 180 Tire Flip Challenge

Siclovia – Alamo 180 Tire Flip Challenge

Alamo 180 hosted the Tire Flip Challenge on Sunday, March 4th at Siclovia at the corner of Newell and Broadway. Over 200 men and women took to the challenge to flip the tire (men’s tire 150#, women’s tire 130#) as many times as they could in one minute. The male leader flipped it 27 times, the female leader 22 times.

The youngest female to flip the 130# tire was a 16 year old from Highlands HS. The oldest male was 58.

Alamo 180 had a steady crowd of onlookers and a long line of eager participants.

Missed the event? Watch the video of a proud husband filming his awesome wife taking to our challenge! Our Alamo 180 Boot Camp Captain, Mario Luna, was along side cheering her on! Way to go!


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