Spank it for Speed!

Spank it for Speed!

galveston cheer butt

The Alamo 180 cheer squad made it in the Galveston County Daily News! Not long after we were cheering, we had a reporter right next to us taking tons of pictures. And between each click, laughing hysterically.

That’s what it’s about. It’s about making the racers laugh. In triathlon, you can’t use headphones to tune out the world or your pain. It’s just you and your thoughts. In a half Ironman, by the time your halfway done with your run, you too are done. Posters are great, but sometimes you are “too out of it” to read. So when you see costumes and a foam butt, you can’t help but laugh. It’s ridiculous. Who dances around in a foam butt yelling “spank it for speed!!!” — we do!!

We had countless racers stop by and tell us, “Thank you. It’s what kept me going one more lap”… “You are hilarious, thank you!!”…”This was the best cheer station”…”My goal at the end of three laps was to spank the butt”…”Those butts made me smile”…”THANK YOU!!!” And some wanted to take pictures with us post-race with their finishers medal. What a blast!

If it takes your mind off the pain and makes you smile, even for 10 seconds, we did our job! 

So next time you race, you just might see this foam butt! 

Here’s the link to the online article:

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