Strength/Cycle/Yoga Classes

Welcome to Alamo 180! We offer many services in the strength studio to help you #makea180: IRON-XT, Foundations, Indoor Cycle, Yoga, Beginner Bootcamp, and Open Gym!

It’s our mission at Alamo 180 to make group training purposeful, effective, attainable, and enjoyable. That every workout be jammed packed with quality and purpose. With every workout serving a specific purpose in the overall training regimen.

Our group fitness classes are developed and led by experienced and passionate coaches, with accredited certifications from CrossFit, USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, Yoga Alliance, and more!, who can scale the workout to fit your needs. We offer training for every ability level.  Come as you are – in shape, out of shape, fitness veteran, fitness newbie!

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Drop-in or purchase a pass.  These passes are good for all the classes we offer: IRON-XT, Foundations, Indoor Cycle + Yoga.

Drop-In: $20 (or $25 and get an Alamo 180 shirt!) 

5 class pass: $80

10 class pass: $150




We offer monthly memberships. Open Gym is an added perk to Studio Memberships. All Access memberships -whether a month to month (no contract), or on an auto-debit (3 month contract) – include all access to IRON XT, Cycle, Yoga and Foundations classes, and Open Gym.

1 Month Unlimited All Access: $165

3 Month Auto-Debit All Access: $150

3 Annual Unlimited Classes: $1,510

(One-time payment. Big savings over monthly plan!)

Monthly Unlim Auto-Debit is a minimum three-month commitment. Automatic monthly payments are billed to your credit card or checking account. 14 days advance notice of cancellation in writing.


Call the Studio or drop by if you’d like more information


IRON XT is a cross-training/strength & conditioning class taught by CrossFit certified professionals. All workouts are infinitely scaleable, constantly varied, with functional movements performed at high intensity. IRON XT classes follow a periodized training approach: 3 weeks build in weight and repetitions, 1 week de-load (active recovery) and then benchmark. Repeat the process. It’s not a one size fits all program. Scaling options are always available. It’s not a “harder is better” training approach, it’s a “train smarter” training approach. It’s not random, it’s varied. There’s a big difference. Get stronger and fitter than you have been before.   Schedule ›


Foundations is a skill clinic offered once per week covering form and technique on common movements performed in the IRON XT program. If you are new to training or want to go to the next level, learn the ins and outs of the more common movements found in IRON XT, as well as on olympic lifts, power lifts and gain efficiency and proficiency in your movements. Come ready to work through lots of drills to perfect your movement patterns.  Efficiency equates to moving more weight as well as injury prevention! Foundation is a skill clinic, not a workout. Foundations is open to anyone on the strength training membership and available on a drop-in basis. No membership is required to attend. Classes are every Saturday at 8:00am.   Schedule ›


CROSS CHAIN indoor cycling class…think “cross-training.” This combination class builds endurance and power through high intervals on the bike AND total body strength and core stability through use of body weight, weights, and other equipment off the bike. This class is excellent for triathletes and cyclists looking to build strength on the bike, and excellent for fitness enthusiasts wanting to lose weight, build strength, and get sculpted. CROSS CHAIN class can accommodate all ability levels. Programming developed by USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, and CrossFit certified professionals. Schedule ›



Improve balance, mobility and strength through the effective and fun practice of yoga.  This class is ideal for all fitness levels. Bring a mat, yourself, and get ready for a total body workout.   Schedule ›