Sweat from the Heart: IM Adventures

Sweat from the Heart: IM Adventures

Sweat from the Heart: Coach Bree’s Blog.


I have decided to share my Ironman training experience on my blog. I had hoped to keep it secret, so that if I had a terrible race, I could hide and no one would ever know. Ha! Sounds silly, right? Well, it could never happen. There’s a smart invention called the “Ironman Tracker” app where you can type in the racer’s name and track them live on the race course (from your computer or phone). Oh, and there are official race results. Again, where you type in the racer’s name and see every split.

So, with that, I will boldly put myself out there, share details, and keep you informed along the way. And my hope is that somewhere in the process, you are inspired, or maybe even encouraged. We learn from each other and there’s beauty in sharing the good, bad and ugly.

To start: I signed up for Ironman Arizona last year on November 18th, the day after the 2013 race.  I went to cheer for my athlete that was racing. I was living in the moment, excited and my dream (since high school) was to one day complete a full Ironman. So, that very day I decided to claim 2014 as MY year! My year to complete a full Ironman! To cross the finish line and hear, “Bree, you are an Ironman!”


Happy thoughts…chills…daydreaming…several hundred dollars short (WTC is proud of their race!)…and then…

Several days later we learned that our loan was approved and we would receive funding to help make our dream come true– to open an Alamo 180 training studio! And from that moment, everything went 100mph. Ready, set, GOOOO! Sign the lease contract, sign the loan contract, buy equipment, construction in the warehouse, prepare for opening, and more! It was amazing, overwhelming, and exhausting.

Most days I think I drink more coffee than water. Seriously. The timing isn’t right, but when in life is it? Almost never. So we make the best of it and move forward.

Initially, I had a hard time juggling work and workouts. I didn’t know how to turn off the “work button” and turn on the “workout button.” (Read my prior blog post about this very topic here) With better prioritization, organization, and a husband that takes Cora so I can workout, I am finding time to train.  It’s not much time, but it’s something. It’s not easy, but if you want something bad enough, you will make it work.

So why do I share this part of my story? Because it doesn’t matter how busy you are, you can find time to train – whether it be for an Ironman, or a 5k. One of my athletes is a single mom of two boys. Her work requires her to travel often. Yet, despite her crazy schedule, she, too, is training for IM Arizona! She’s making it work. You see, it can be done!

So the first lesson I leave you with is this, “when life gets in the way, let it. Don’t fret, you will find a way to make your dream come true.”

And I plan to post more about my training adventures. More than anything, it keeps me accountable. Coffee only goes so far! 😉

And here are some pics of my training adventures so far! It helps training with friends!







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