Sweat from the Heart: Let It Go

Sweat from the Heart: Let It Go

Last week I received a text from an athlete frustrated about missing a swim workout.  20140101_124328

The texting conversation went like this:


Me: Are you coming to swim workout tonight?

Athlete: Ugh! I’m still at work. I think I’m going to miss tonight. Of any night to miss, swim night is not the right night.

Me: Make it up another night if you can, otherwise, let it go. You will have other swim opportunities.

Athlete: I know! 🙂 You are right!


Can you relate to this?

Do you get frustrated when you can’t make a workout fit into your schedule?

Do you regularly squeeze a missed workout somewhere into your training plan in order to be “caught up”?

Do you feel like you will lose some of your fitness if you miss a workout?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, I have two things to tell you– 1) you’re normal, 2) let it go.

Here’s the thing, life will ALWAYS get in the way of our best laid plans. No training plan, no matter how perfectly crafted, will ever be completed from start to finish without a missed workout. It’s impossible. Life is unpredictable.

Here’s the problem with trying to play catch up – you end up replacing quality for quantity.

When I told my athlete she could make it up another day, it was because she had opportunities to do so. It was a low mileage week of single workouts. However, if it was a higher mileage week of double workouts, there would not be an opportunity.

If you are desperate to make up a workout, ask yourself, or your coach, the importance of the workout. Is it a recovery swim? A long bike ride? A quality speed run?

Personally, I believe it’s best just to “let it go”. That way your training plan is back on track the next day.

Focus on quality in your training, not quantity. If you miss a workout, don’t fret over it. Let it go.

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