Sweat from the Heart: Serving Others

Sweat from the Heart: Serving Others

Did I always want to be a coach? No. 20140101_124328

Flashback about 8 years ago. My heart’s desire was to be a professional triathlete. I wanted to go to the Olympics. I believed I had the talent and skills to do it and I hired a coach to get me there.

I lived and breathed the Olympics. I watched every video, read every article, and studied the athletes and their training programs. I trained in hopes of one day setting foot on Olympic grounds as a competing triathlete.

But before this day could happen, I needed to make some life changes.

My coach, Jeff and I talked long and hard about things. We discussed the pros and cons of my future as a professional triathlete. We recognized that if I wanted to be a professional triathlete and shoot for the Olympics, that I had to give it a 100% effort.

And the decision was made. I was in it 100%. We were in it 100%.

So with that, I resigned from my corporate job in order to have the time to train. This was a huge sacrifice because a big chunk of our income was gone. However, we needed to make that sacrifice because my job was getting in the way of my rigorous training regimen.

Jobless and happy! All was great! Several days of awesome workouts and I was on my way to training for the Olympics!

And then something unexpected happened.

I was pregnant.

I took a big risk and lost. I was jobless, pregnant, and unhappy.

So why did I become a coach?

Because of my daughter.

She was the best thing that happened to me. She taught me to be selfless. She forced me to rethink my life.

Being a professional triathlete serves me. Being a coach serves others. Serving yourself only leaves your cup empty. Serving others fills your cup to overflowing. True joy in my life has come from coaching people to do remarkable things–turning couch potatoes into athletes, helping athletes set personal records, teaching people to swim, coaching people to finish a triathlon or running race. The list goes on.

Impacting lives for the better has made my life better.

I didn’t think such happiness existed. I thought my life would be complete by being a professional triathlete, but that was proven wrong to me. My life is complete because I coach others to live and love the active lifestyle.

And to the athletes that let me serve them, thank you. You have made my dreams — that I didn’t know where my dreams — come true.

Oh…and yes, I must put in a plug:

1404450_686974660947_1146568351_oOur coaching business has grown and in the early spring we will be opening a training center. You can help us help others by dropping a few bucks into the fundraiser pot! Thanks in advance!

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