Sweat from the Heart: Signs

Sweat from the Heart: Signs

Sweat from the Heart: Coach Bree’s Blog 20140101_124328

As a woman of faith, I don’t call it coincidence, I call it a sign from God.

Sunday morning (of last week), the LAST thing I wanted to do was to go on a long bike ride. I wake up and look out the window and see off and on rain. No thunder or lightning though. First thought is, “YES! I don’t have to ride!!!!!” followed by, “What if it rains on race day? Are you going to quit?!” Darn you logical thought!

So I prepped for my long ride, solo I might add, and hit the road. Normally there are a ton of cars, but this morning, there was hardly anyone out. It was so peaceful. And this time, the rain didn’t bother me. It was actually pleasant to see, feel and hear it fall. I got filthy from the wet, dirty roads, but I didn’t care. On this ride, I also peed on myself (yay for Ironman training) and the rain washed it off, saving me some water in my bottle (was that too much to share? 😉 ) I really enjoyed the rain!

At one point on a long stretch of road, I saw a Happy Catcus (a metal one)! It’s really a Saguaro Cactus, but to me, they are what I have dubbed, “Happy Cactus.” I see arms outstretched for a hug. Or, arms in the air as if to happily gesture, “what’s up!?!” I also see arms waving at me saying, “you’re doing awesome!” I guess you need to make up silly things in your head when you train for an Ironman. Ha!


I actually had to stop to get a picture with it! It was a sign! It was confirmation I was to ride my bike that day, despite the yucky conditions. It was confirmation that 2014 IS my year for an Ironman–because I have had my doubts. And on future rides, I will pass by it and remember what I am training for: Ironman Arizona!

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