Sweat from the Heart: Worth the Price Tag

Sweat from the Heart: Worth the Price Tag

Sweat from the Heart: Coach Bree’s Blog


maiden voyage

Have you ever had something so amazing that all you wanted to do was tell everyone about it?

Well, that’s me right now. I want to tell the world about my new bike. I am over the moon, in love with it, and I want you to be over the moon, in love with one, too! (Any ladies want to be my “Shiv Sista” Ha! Or guys, “Shiv Mista”…I digress…)

I got a new bike on Monday. But, not just any bike, a Shiv Expert with Roval wheels. This bike is.the.shit!!! I’ve dreamed of having a fancy bike, and would stare at bike advertisements in magazines and drool over bike pictures online in hopes that one day I would have one. Bikes are works of art. They are beautiful. They are sexy. And they need an owner! I claimed the Shiv Expert as my bike of choice. I used to believe bikes like this belonged only to professional triathletes, but isn’t that a stupid thought!? And if you, too, have had that thought, it’s stupid. Bikes belong to anyone willing to appreciate it and ride it.

Imagine being comfortable in the aero position (there are more size options on this triathlon-specific bike than standard TT bikes, so you are guaranteed to get a comfortable fit). Picture yourself flying down the road with ease (it’s the most aerodynamic triathlon bike on the market. You can’t even tow the start line at a UCI race because it’s too aerodynamic). When you need water, don’t grab for your bottle, reach for the straw (the hydration system is inside the frame).

Don’t these features sound incredible? They are!! Feel like a pro as you zoom down the road. Seriously. That’s how I felt on my maiden voyage. In fact, I couldn’t help but yell out loud, “WOO-HOO!! THIS IS AWESOME!!” Those words were so fitting for the moment. This bike is worth the price tag. You will feel like a pro!

I am probably sounding like a salesperson here, and sorry if I am, but when you have something so incredible, you can’t help but share with others.

So, I am going to share a bit of triathlon advice that I once read on a forum, “Put it on a credit card and figure it out later!” This comment was regarding Ironman entry fees ($740), but I think it’s safe to apply it to all major triathlon purchases: entry fees, equipment, etc. And it’s true! Isn’t that what we all do anyway? 😉

So is the Shiv Expert an expensive bike? Yes. But it’s worth it. YES!!! It will rock your world. It rocked mine. So, if you are in the market for a new bike, consider this bike. And call me with questions, I will be happy to answer!

Here are some pics of my new baby:

new bike 4

Here’s Beau at Bicycle Heaven adjusting the seat. We tried out 6 different saddles until I found “the one”. The patience and knowledge of Beau is appreciated. He’s an expert in fits and I know I will leave feeling comfortable on my bike. My maiden voyage was comfortable! 

new bike 3

Here I am getting fitted on the bike. Notice my curvature? I have lordosis. I have had it all my life and it sucks. I’ve had a hard time getting comfortable on TT bikes and pretty much gave up hope. I favored my road bike because I was more comfortable. The Shiv Expert is not a TT bike, but rather a triathlon-specific bike and it offers more sizing options. It had a sizing option perfect for me! Unbelievable. So if you suffer from any back conditions, consider this bike. It might be the perfect solution for you! 

new bike 1Too much fun!!! This is why Alamo 180 partners with Bicycle Heaven. This bike shop treats you like royalty. 

Ironman 70.3 Buffalo Springs, Ironman Arizona, and all my favorite bike routes, here we come 🙂

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