Swim Series

Beginner Freestyle swim series

Learn how to swim freestyle through a simple process. You’ll go from blowing bubbles to swimming freestyle. Our goal is to decrease the overwhelm so you can learn quickly, easily and confidently. Learn More ›

“I would highly recommend the Beginner Freestyle Swim Series to anyone who wants to learn freestyle. The breakdown of how to swim is presented in an easy to understand manner and the amount of information presented in each session is appropriate and worked in my brain. I felt comfortable, learned technique that would never have occurred to me before and am ready to move on to the next series to build upon and improve my swim.”

Better Freestyle swim series

Learn how to improve your freestyle through a simple process. Each class will cover drills specific to each part of freestyle – breathing, body positioning, arm cycle, kick and rotation. You’ll know what part of freestyle you’re working on and why. Our goal is to decrease the overwhelm, so you can improve your form quickly and easily. Learn More ›

“Being a self taught triathlete swimmer, I signed up for this class to help improve my freestyle. WOW, am I so glad I did!!! It was a game changer learning proper technique to swim more efficiently. The adjustments in my stroke and movement in the water made a HUGE difference. Coach Bree gave me so many tools that I think about every time I hit the water. I highly recommend this class!”

Open Water swim series

Freestyle in the open water is not the same as freestyle in the pool. There’s no black line to follow, no wall to rest on and certainly no fins, pull buoy or kickboard to help you. There are skills you need to know in order to safely and successfully swim in the open water. Each class will cover those exact skills so you can enjoy and excel in every open water swim workout and race!  Learn More ›

Coach Bree taught us some mad skills for open water swimming! Thanks Coach! It was very useful!”