Open Water Series

Classes will resume once the SAC pool reopens. At this time, all campus facilities (which includes the pool) are closed through the summer months.

Open Water Swim Series

Freestyle in the open water is not the same as freestyle in the pool. There’s no black line to follow, no wall to rest on and certainly no fins, pull buoy or kickboard to help you. 

There are skills you need to know in order to safely and successfully swim in the open water. Each class will cover those exact skills so you can enjoy and excel in every open water swim workout and race! 

How would it feel to… 

  • Know how to tread water and float so you can rest when needed 
  • Be able to swim another stroke other than just freestyle
  • Sight correctly so you can swim a straight line and stay on course 
  • Stay calm in crowded, choppy and cold swimming conditions
  • Swim around buoys like you know what you’re doing 
  • Be ready for just about every triathlon swim start

It’s ALL possible with Alamo 180’s Open Water Swim Series!

Coach Bree taught us some mad skills for open water swimming! Thanks Coach! It was very useful!

Alamo 180’s Open Water Swim Series

Here’s what you get in the 4 week series:

  • 4 coached swim clinics led by a highly experienced and certified coach,
  • Each swim clinic set up as 60 minutes group instruction + 15 minutes at your own pace swim practice along with individual instruction,
  • Email access to coach,
  • Private Facebook group for extra support and community.

After you go through the series, you will:

  • Learn several ways to sight + which one works best for you ,
  • Learn how to tread water and float for safety and rest,
  • Learn several ways to make turns around buoys + which one works best for you,
  • Learn how to draft off other swimmers so you can save energy,
  • Learn how to do the various triathlon swim starts correctly and confidently,
  • How to remain calm and in control during choppy, crowded and cold conditions,
  • Gain the confidence needed for your upcoming open water swim event.

Series Schedule:

Series meets 1x per week for 1 hour and 15 minutes of in-water instruction covering open water swim skills.

Location: San Antonio College pool. Each session will take place in the pool located in the Candler Physical Education center. 

$179 investment into improving skill and gaining confidence in the open water.

  • Registration and payment reserves your spot. Each clinic time is capped at 10 participants.
  • During registration, select your preferred session & class time. The clinic time you pick is the clinic time you attend for the 4 weeks series.
  • No refunds (for circumstances due to injury or military assignment, please contact Coach Bree to discuss options).
  • No make-ups offered. Please be sure to attend all 4 clinics. Note: If a clinic is canceled due to reasons out of our control (inclement weather, pool closure, etc), we will offer a make-up on the 5th week.


Are there any pre-requisites to the Open Water Swim Series? Yes, you need to be able to swim freestyle for 4 lengths of the pool (100m/yd total). No pre-requisite on speed. Also, no-prerequisite on open water swim experience. Beginner to experienced level welcomed (scaled options will be provided to ensure everyone is appropriately challenged). All other skills will be taught. 

What is your approach to teaching open water swim skills? Learning in the pool is ideal because it gives you a chance to practice with a wall nearby and use any toys to help with form (foam noodles and kickboards). As you gain proficiency in the pool, take those skills and concepts to the open water. Our approach over the 4 week series is to start with the basics, i.e. treading water and floating and each week add more skills. Last clinic will be putting it all together to simulate an open water swim race. Our approach is to decrease the overwhelm so you can learn quickly and easily. 

What if I miss one of the clinics during the series? Each clinic is set up with a warm up, skills and drills of the week, and open practice time. The warm up portion consists of the skills and drills from the prior week. If you miss a clinic, you will get a chance to work on those skills and drills during the warm up. Then, during the open practice time, you can practice them and receive individual instruction. Additionally, you can access the swim videos detailing how to complete the skills and drills. If you need further help, you can schedule a private swim session.

“Bree’s experience both as a swimmer and as a coach is evident, as her use of sequential drills made a lot of sense.”

“I really liked the video recaps and the personal feedback…very helpful”

“Excellent breakdown and demonstration of the skills”

Got Qs? Reach out to Coach Bree at bree@alamo180.com or 210-371-6515