Swim Skills Clinic

Swim Skills Clinic



Alamo 180 Swim Skills Clinic:
Alignment, Rotation, Kick & Pull 

Topics covered during this clinic include:

  • Total body, horizontal alignment: learn how to get your head neutral, chest down, hips up and level, and heels at the surface.
  • Proper head positioning: learn how to keep your head “in line with your spine” and neutral.
  • Efficient and propulsive kick: learn how to move your legs in an efficient and powerful manner.
  • Proper rotation for efficiency and propulsion: learn how much you need to rotate your body so you can utilize hip-drive momentum to your advantage.
  • Strong, efficient underwater pull: learn how to effectively push the water back so you go forward.

This clinic will teach you swim drills that cover each aspect of freestyle listed above.

You will also receive a program packet with pictures and detailed descriptions of the phases and drills of freestyle. You will also receive sample workouts to complete on your own post-clinic.

What to Bring: 

This clinic will take place in the water! Swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, towel and water bottle. If you have your own fins, feel free to bring them. Fins will be provided at the pool.

Clinic Date:

Pick one! We’re offering the same clinic on two different dates.
Monday, June 13. 6pm – 7:30pm

Monday, June 20. 6pm – 7:30pm.

If you use the Plantetarium address, this will help. The pool is located inside the Candler Physical Edu center, which is directly across from the Planetarium. 1300 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

$30 for Alamo 180 athletes
$35 for non-Alamo 180 athletes.
*Note: This clinic meets one time. We are offering the same clinic on two different dates, so make sure you select your desired date! *


Are you tired of spending hours in the pool and not seeing the benefits. Have you increased the amount of time in the pool each week only to see a second or two improvement? Is the water your “enemy” and you beat it into submission with each lap you take? Do your hips and legs drag through the water, but you can’t figure out how to make them horizontal? Do you have problems breathing? Do you often swim off course in the open water? Do you swim flat? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this Swim Clinic is for you! It’s open to ANYONE to attend!

This clinic is designed to help you think about swimming in a whole new way and to break down the stroke into manageable chunks so you can focus on each aspect and become the swimmer you have always wanted to be.

Because we desire quality over quantity, limited spots available. Class size is small to ensure quality instruction. We have reached capacity at each swim clinic we have offered, so don’t delay in getting registered! Don’t miss out!

Register HERE for the JUNE 13 CLINIC 

Register HERE for the JUNE 20 CLINIC

About Coach Bree:
Bree got started in endurance sports as a competitive swimmer in middle and high school. She also swam in college, trying to cleverly squeeze it in while simultaneously competing in cross-country and track. As an athlete, Bree honed her skills in the water by attending swim clinics and camps led by nationally ranked coaches. In her early coaching days, she was a swim instructor teaching youth how to swim. After a year of that, she started to teach adults. For 5 years, Bree has led weekly triathlon swim workouts as well as conducted private sessions to all levels of athletes – beginners with no experience to advanced swimmers looking to fine tune their stroke. It’s not uncommon for a beginner and/or intermediate swimmer to drop 5 to 10 seconds off their 100 yard time, after a session or two, just from a few tweaks to their strokes. It’s witnessed all the time at Alamo 180. Efficiency equates to speed. You can gain free speed in the water, just learn how to harness it! And a skilled coach can teach you how!

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