Swim Skills Clinic: Getting Horizontal

Swim Skills Clinic: Getting Horizontal


Join Alamo 180 for a swim skills clinic! Topic: Getting horizontal.

Date: Friday, April 20 
Location: Candler Physical Education Center, pool facility 
Time: 6-7pm. 

In this one hour clinic you will learn drills that will help you work on horizontal body positioning as well as to improve your torso/hip rotation. Positioning and rotation are key to an efficient freestyle. The drills you will learn are game changer!

*Learn how your underwater pull might be the reason why you’re sinking.
*Learn how your head positioning might be throwing everything off.
*Learn how to get your hips up at the surface…and keep them there.
*Learn how to move through the water like a torpedo and not a barge.
If you’re ready to stop sinking each time you swim, sign up for this clinic!


Testimonial from previous swim clinic attendees: 

“Awesome swim class last night with Alamo 180 Tri Clinic. It was all about Getting Horizontal in the water and more swim drills! Thanks Bree for your patience and you’re knowledgeable in the water!!!””

“Thanks for the class. As always , Great!! coaching. The explanations as to why a position works (or doesn’t work) in the water is so helpful, it gels the concept and helps me remember. 
You also do a great job at the “teach and repeat”, teach and repeat. Only way for a new learner to really grab all those pearls of wisdom. I feel like I’ve learned A LOT and found many things I can work on after just one hour with you.”


Open to anyone to join! This clinic is for novice and experienced swimmers.
Alamo 180 athletes – $15/clinic
Community athletes – $25/clinic

Register here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=49831&stype=-8&sTG=22&sVT=58&sView=day&sLoc=0&date=04%2F20%2F18

Limited spots (and they go fast!) so don’t delay in signing up.

Message info@alamo180.com for questions or information.

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