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Swim Series

Tired of flailing your arms and legs in an attempt to swim freestyle?

Ready to add swimming to your cross-training regimen?

Hoping to one day complete a triathlon?

Maybe you have a triathlon coming up soon and want to improve your freestyle?

Whatever your reason, whatever your goals, the time to learn is NOW!
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Alamo 180 offers TWO swim series – Beginner Swim Series and Beyond Beginner Swim Series.

The Beginner Swim Series is designed for doggie paddlers, floaters, sinkers, and everything in between wanting to learn how to swim freestyle.

The Beyond Beginner Swim Series is designed for freestylers looking to go beyond the basics and improve their stroke mechanics.

Maybe you’ve tried to learn before, but only left frustrated? Read two testimonials from Swim Participants saying it finally came together after signing up for Alamo 180’s swim series:

“I’ve taken swim lessons before but left feeling like I was just flailing my arms and legs. Now, I feel like I actually know how to freestyle…Not only because each step was broken down and explained but because of the feedback after we would practice a drill. Great class and well worth the money!”

“I have taken swimming lessons with one other coach before my lessons with Coach Bree and unfortunately I just wasn’t getting it. Coach Bree has helped me advance so much. I have renewed confidence that I can achieve my goals/dreams!! Thank you Coach!! You are the BEST!!”
So many have learned to swim freestyle for the very first time! And others felt like they finally grasped the concept! 

Our approach is to decrease the overwhelm so you can learn quickly and easily. 

If learning how to swim, or learning how to swim better, is on your To Do list in 2019, then don’t delay in grabbing your spot. Spots are limited!