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Rookie to Race Registration OPEN

Rookie to Race Program #2 registration is OPEN! 
Program start date is July 17 and culminates with the Dam 09 triathlon. 

This popular program is designed for the motivated individual with the goal of completing their first triathlon.

Discover how you can start your triathlon journey with Alamo 180: http://www.alamo180.com/triathlon/rookie-to-race/

Triathlon Team

Alamo 180 offers the leading triathlon training service in San Antonio. Our culture and friendly atmosphere is unmatched! And we specialize in training beginner triathletes! When it comes to triathlon, you get it ALL at Alamo 180!

The Alamo 180 triathlon team is for all triathletes, Sprint through Full Ironman, and for all fitness levels, Beginner to Advanced.

Our program is developed and led by USA Triathlon certified coaches, and is an Ironman and USA Triathlon certified club. Carefully curated to safely balance duration, intensity and recovery in order to maximize results. Our proven programs get athletes to the start line healthy and strong, and to the finish line with a smile on their face.

Join our friendly triathlon community! We offer weekly Coached and Club training sessions, a full library of training plans for the Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full Ironman, and more! Learn more about joining the triathlon team

Sounds great to you, but want a beginner version first? If you’re new to triathlon, then Check out our Rookie to Race program.

Getting started in Triathlon

Do you want to start training for triathlons, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you lack the ability to swim…maybe you aren’t sure about how to ride a bike…maybe you’ve never even put all three disciplines together. Put all fears and doubts aside and follow our proven approach!

At Alamo 180, we encourage athletes to approach triathlon safely and conservatively.

First, it takes courage to start the journey! So celebrate taking the first step to an active lifestyle!

Second, lay the right foundation. Start with learning how to swim. Once you feel confident in the swim, sign up for the Rookie to Race beginner triathlon program. If you can already swim, then head straight to the Rookie to Race program.

At the completion of the Rookie to Race program, you’ve successfully laid the a solid foundation of skill and efficiency and are ready to build endurance. Pick the race distances you plan to do and progress patiently. You can’t rush success, so take your time as you enjoy training and racing.

For athletes that would like to achieve a Half Ironman, we recommend doing so within one year of completion of Rookie to Race. For the Full Ironman, we recommend doing so within two years of completion of the Rookie to Race program. Learn more about Rookie to Half Ironman and our Rookie to Ironman program.

We have successfully trained HUNDREDS of triathletes to the finish line of their goal race and we are confident we can do the same for you! If you’re ready to live your best and most active life through the sport of triahtlon, we are ready for you! Achieve more, together.