Taking a look back / #1

Taking a look back / #1


Our dream was to have our own studio the day we formed Alamo 180 (back in 2011). But like most small businesses, slow and steady is the name of the game. We began our strength program by offering boot camps at local parks around San Antonio. Our first one was called Boot Camp at Pearl. This was back in 2011 before Pearl exploded. We did it on the big grass field before we were forced out due to construction. We then moved to Blue Star calling it … guess what? … Boot Camp at Blue Star. Same thing happened to us there. Construction forced us out. We moved it to Maverick Park off Broadway, but decided a third name change was not necessary and called it Alamo 180 Boot Camp. This lasted another year before we were ready for a location. Additionally, you can only offer so much in a boot camp class. It’s a limited training approach. We wanted to be able to offer more with barbells, pull up bars, and other equipment. We needed a gym! 

After a good year of looking around town for a location, we stumbled upon one on a random Craigslist search. We immediately contacted the landlord and a few days later met up with him. While this building was ugly inside and out, we felt a peace about it. It felt right. We just knew it was the one. We also knew it would be a labor of love for several years to get it where we wanted it to be. 

We took a leap of faith. In late November 2014, we signed the lease, Jeff quit working at a big box gym as an instructor and personal trainer and we went 100% into Alamo 180. No more part time Alamo 180, it was full time Alamo 180. Exciting and completely terrifying at the same time. 

Then the restorative process began. 

Stay tuned as we share more inside stories and fun facts of Alamo 180!

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