Team Danae

Team Danae

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Alamo 180 athlete, Danae Quijano, has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

First, they ask for your prayers. Add their names to your prayer list at church and ask whoever you want to pray for them.

Second, you can financially support her and her family:

Third, you have the opportunity to purchase a ‘Team Danae’ shirt to show your love and support. For those that may not know, at Alamo 180, we cheer on our athletes at races. It’s important our athletes know we are there on the sidelines cheering for them every step of the way. That we are available during any time of need. In the same way, Danae needs your love, support and cheering as she begins the hardest race yet! She’s strong and capable. She’s ready to fight and win! If you purchase a shirt, we ask you wear it on days she has chemotherapy, and on any day she needs extra support. This will be a beautiful reminder that we are there cheering for her for the WIN!!

*****HOW TO ORDER/PAY*****

Cost: $28 (charging cost)

Payment: It’s recommended you pay online through PayPal. A shirt order will not be placed without payment. Select your size during the PayPal payment process – Women, go up a size as the shirts run small. If you wear a small, order a medium. Men, they run true to size.

Delivery: Depends on when you placed your order. You will be notified via email.

Women’s Sizes: SIZE UP at least one size as they run small

Men’s Sizes

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