The MURPH Challenge, BBQ & Beer

The MURPH Challenge, BBQ & Beer


May 30th @ 9am
Alamo 180 Studio
Official Registration through Murph Challenge 2016: $40 (your money supports the scholarship fund & you get an official t-shirt) register here 

Alamo 180 is honored to participate in the Murph Challenge 2016. Join us as we join countless other Americans in this awesome Memorial Day tradition. Let’s honor our fallen heroes! We will rock the WOD and then enjoy BBQ and cold beer from Blue Star Brewery Co. Stick around for fun and eats.

The Murph Challenge, a CrossFit Hero WOD “MURPH”
1 mile run.
100 pull ups.
200 pushups.
300 squats.
1 mile run.
….in a 20lb vest or body armor.
(You can do it “scaled” without a weighted vest or armor)

Alamo 180 participants will officially register through the Murph Challenge Campaign. Once you register, you will not only be pledging to participate in the Crossfit Hero WOD ‘MURPH’, you will also be joining a unique group of Americans who pay tribute to LT. Michael P. Murphy (SEAL), and contributing to a prestigious organization founded by the Murphy family.

Following the WOD (after we enjoy BBQ and beer!), Alamo 180 athletes will submit their ‘MURPH’ time to compare their achievement with other participants throughout the US.

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