The Run That Hurt: Part 2

The Run That Hurt: Part 2

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Last week was my 35 minute max effort assessment run. The one where I stopped for 2 minutes and almost gave up. The one I toughed out and finished. If you didn’t read about it, you can here.

Well, guess what I saw in my training plan for this week?


A 35 minute max effort assessment run.


My coach (yes, I hired a coach this season) assigned it to me AGAIN saying he needs a non-stop effort. He told me my first attempt didn’t count.

I was hoping I could get out of it, so I came up with some awesome rationales. I’m a coach, I’m good at coming up with rationales. I even suggested he have me do a 10k so I don’t have to suffer alone. He didn’t buy any of it.

He responds with, “Do today what the others will not, so tomorrow you can do what they cannot.”

Dammit! He’s good.

Fine. I’ll do it.

And today, I did it! And did better than I expected!


I knew I HAD to do this assessment run. It was for my own good. If I want to get mentally stronger this season, THIS is how it’s going to get done. Doing (hard) things I don’t want to do.

Knowing my attempt went horribly wrong last time (went out too fast and wasn’t mentally in the game before I started) I had to prep myself for this run. I planned to start out conservative in the first mile and then pick it up. I also decided to ONLY look at my watch when it beeped for each mile split, not every 15 seconds. Last time I continually stared at it, this time, I didn’t. I ran by feel. I forced myself to relax, listen to my body, and focus on my form. My new approach worked.

I learned a valuable lesson in all of this:

1. To never, ever give up.

2. To do things I don’t want to do, but know I need to do.

3. To listen to my body, my footsteps, my breathing, and to stop staring at my Garmin every 15 seconds.

4. If I expect my athletes to toughen up and do what they don’t want to do (but need to do), then I need to follow my own advice.

What a painful, but beautiful lesson! Now I feel stronger and more confident than I did last week. I would say that second attempt was worth it 😉

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