The Struggle to Strength Train

The Struggle to Strength Train

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The struggle is real. The struggle to strength train is what I’m talking about. There are so many other things, and not even fun things, that I would rather do than lift heavy weights. There. I said it.

Want to know what my favorite part of strength training is? It’s not my last rep in the set. Because in the moments leading up to it, I’m thinking of every excuse to cut it out so I can finish early. But rather when I (after giving the hubster a kiss) walk out the door. I’m done. I don’t have to visit the torturous pain cave for an IRON class until the next day, or two, depending on my training plan.


Yes. I own this gym. The one I can’t wait to walk out of. The truth is that lifting heavy things over and over is not only boring, but it’s also very uncomfortable. It takes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to do things I don’t like. I don’t like doing things I don’t like.

The only motivation I have to pump iron is knowing how it positively, without a doubt, impacts my athletic endeavors. I cannot be the athlete I want to be without it. Period. I’ve tried seasons of training and racing without strength work and it didn’t go so well. I either got injured or my efforts weren’t where I knew they could be. Comparing seasons of strength work to seasons without it, it’s beyond obvious that I need it.

What about you? Have you ever had this realization? The realization that lifting weights got you the results you were looking for? That you could actually cut out a bike ride and spend that time in the gym instead and get better at riding? Same applies for running and swimming. It’s true. And if you haven’t experienced it, I challenge you to try it out this off-season. I wrote more about it here


So, with all my frustrations and dislikes aside, I walk through the doors ready to lift weights knowing I will climb better, run stronger and faster, and reach the athletic goals I have set for myself.


Huuuuge PR at NOLA 70.3 and strength training was part of the reason.

If you’re anything like me – that you would rather swim, bike and run than lift weights – then let me encourage you to do what you need to do (but would rather not do). Hit the gym and pump some iron. Don’t think about how much you dislike it, but rather think about how much it will benefit you. If that becomes your primary perspective, you’ll get through each rep and you will reap the benefits the next time you hop on your bike, jump in the pool, or head out the door for a run. And you know what IS fun? Racing better, stronger and faster!

I challenge you to approach your off-season differently this year. Try something new and see what happens. It might be the answer you have been looking for!

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