Tri Off-Season Training: Save the date!

Alamo 180 Triathlon Training
Off-Season Challenge
We have two dates to best accommodate for those that travel over the holidays, want to rest some after the late season races, etc.
Choose your start date:
Monday, November 7 – Sunday, February 26: 16 weeks
Monday, Dec 5 – Sunday, February 26: 12 weeks
You can also join at any time during the off-season program past the suggested start dates. There will be level options which will allow you to choose the appropriate training level.
2 Categories:
*Short Course (for Sprint & Olympic distance).
*Long Course (for Half & Full Ironman distance).
Point System:
Every workout and event is worth points. You will tally up points for every workout you do and the athletes with the most points, win! See below for the allocation of points.
Cross-Training/Strength Points:
IRON XT = 10 points.
ROM = 2 points.
*We will have IRON XT strength program templates available by Tri Off-Season for purchase. This is ideal for those that cannot attend our IRON XT classes and want to follow a strength regimen at their own gym or during our open gym hours.
*It’s even recommended to spend the first 4 weeks doing IRON XT classes 5 times per week (Start strength training the first 4 weeks of Nov 7 – Dec 4, then start Tri Training on Dec 5). Not only will you build some serious strength and stability to help you with muscular endurance and power, but you’ll rack up some serious points each week!
Swim/Bike/Run Points:
Swim = 1 point for every 500 yd/m.
Bike = 1 point for every 5 mile.
Run = 1 point for every 1 mile.
Event Points:
Monica’s Mile = 10 points / Monica’s Hour = 20 points.
Half Marathon = 15 points.
Marathon = 30 points.
Duathlon = 15 points.
Shorter events, i.e. 10k, 5k, etc. are worth the number of points under swim/bike/run category.
Points Calculation:
Tally up your points throughout the week and record them in the provided Excel spreadsheet (it will be emailed to everyone at the start of the off-season program). Points must be tallied and emailed to Coach Bree no later than Sunday night at midnight for the points to count for that week. Post your #proof pic of the points to Facebook group!
I will keep a tally of everyone that is participating and the points they are accumulating.
What if you rode your bike 24 miles? Well, you have the option to ride one more mile and make it divisible by 5 and get your full 5 points (1 point for every 5 miles on the bike). OR, simply take 24 and divide it by 5 and your points total is 4.8. No rounding up on the math. Your rounding up option is to swim, bike or run more 😉
Winners of the Off-Season Challenge:
The top 3 triathletes in each category – Short & Long Course – at the end of the program, with the most points wins! It will be a prize and discounts on training.
Off Season training will include speed and strength training (in the gym and in the sport). We will also work on developing other swim strokes. This will be a completely new off-season training format and it’s gonna be our best off-season training yet!
For those that will be starting their 2017 training programs (for Sprint/Oly, Half or Full Ironman) during the Off-Season program, you can still tally points from your workouts. The off-season program concludes on Sunday, Feb 26.
For the 2017 Spring Races we have planned out so far…
*Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico starts on Monday, Nov 28. 
*Galveston Half Ironman starts on Monday, Dec 19.
*Ironman Texas starts on Monday, Dec 19. If you’re on custom training, start your training on the agreed upon date with your coach. 

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