Triathlon CLUB Team!

Triathlon CLUB Team!









New in 2017!!! Alamo 180 CLUB Triathlon Team!

$180 annual membership gets you…

*Access to ALL coached weekend group workouts & assessment workouts all year long! This also includes any special weekend events such as the ROCK the MOCK practice triathlons we host, as well as any clinics that pertain to team races.
*Access to Alamo 180’s Private FB group & Private Webpage.
*Inclusion in the Monday Emails of all the team happenings for the week & month – so you stay in the know!
*Race in the Alamo 180 Team Kit – we’re using Wattie Ink this year! 
*Support from teammates & coaches at team races.
*Be part of a local, fun, triathlon team!
We offer group workouts every weekend (unless the weekend happens to be a team race). Drop-in rates for triathletes are $17/tri-workout. You can safely guess that’s about 48 workouts. 48 x $15 = $816. Not to mention you will also get access to the assessment workouts…that’s another 3 every other month. You can already see you’re getting a huge value by joining the Alamo 180 triathlon Club team! Have fun in training and on race day! Join Alamo 180!

Enrollment starts January 1. Investment $180/year. $15 additional workout drop-in fee. learn more 

This membership option is great for the athlete that wants a group to train with on the weekend for camaraderie and support. View this membership as a supplement to what you already do! No matter the training plan you follow or who coaches you, this option is great for the athlete looking to be part of a local team!

The FAQ’s we get on Club Membership: 

  1. I have my own training plan that I follow, will I have to buy one of yours? Nope! If you’re happy with your training plan, then we’re happy for you! You won’t be encouraged to buy one of ours. We aren’t salesy like that.
  2. By joining the Club, will I get an Alamo 180 Training Plan for races? No. You will not get access to our training plans – that is for athletes paying premium training membership. Club is for triathletes that already have a training plan they follow and they want a group to workout with on weekends. Club is also for triathletes that are Weekend Warriors and they want to enjoy triathlon training on the weekends with friends/teammates.
  3. What if I join Alamo 180 Club, but then later decide to get a premium training membership? We will happily apply your club membership to the premium training membership. Here’s how that works: Club membership is $15/month (12 x $15 = $180). So, $15 per month is applied to the monthly premium membership for the duration you’re on it. click here to learn about premium membership 
  4. What I if I want to drop-in on a Tri group workout during the week? We’d love for you to join weekday workouts. Club membership gives unlimited access to weekend workouts. Weekday workouts are additional at $15/drop-in (a discount from our standard $17/drop-in). We post the month schedule in advance so you can plan workout attendance accordingly.
  5. Do I get to race in the team kit? YES! ALL Alamo 180 triathletes race in the team kit! Athletes and coaches will see you on the course and cheer for you! It’s the best feeling in the world to have teammates cheering for you!  And in 2017, we have new team kits being designed by the incredible Wattie Ink! We can’t wait! SAVE THE DATE for Dec 17 for our Kit Fit Night. Try on the sample kits to get your right size before the team order.

Have more questions?  Reach out to Coach Bree: bree@alamo180.com

Our Alamo 180 team is a comprised of athletes that take training and fun seriously. It’s equal parts fun + hard work. If you love to have fun and work hard, then we’re the group for you! 

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