Triathlon Team

Group Triathlon Training

Alamo 180 offers the leading triathlon training service in San Antonio.

The Alamo 180 triathlon team is for all triathletes, Sprint through Full Ironman, and for all fitness levels, Beginner to Advanced.

Since 2011, Alamo 180 has coached nearly a thousand triathlon race day finishes. We have a large selection of training programs for the Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full Ironman. Training plans are expertly curated to safely balance duration, intensity and recovery in order to help you maximize your results. Whether your goal is to finish, go faster, or go longer distances, we have a quality program for you! Alamo 180 has USA Triathlon certified coaches, is a USA Triathlon Certified Club and an IRONMAN Tri Club affiliate. Join the team and achieve more with teammates. Become better, together!

New to triathlon? Check out our Rookie to Race program.

Want to one day do a Half or Full Ironman? Check out our IM Ready program

Welcome to our Team

Join our friendly triathlon team!

Here’s what you get being part of our team:

  1. Access to weekly Swim classes and CrossFit classes;
  2. Access to expertly curated training plans for the Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full Ironman;
  3. Access to the private Facebook group for accountability, support and education;
  4. Full (always growing!) library of triathlon training videos and PDFs;
  5. Weekly triathlon content via videos and PDFs by your coaches to help educate and inspire your triathlon journey;
  6. Regular live virtual Q&A sessions giving you a chance to ask coaches anything;
  7. Pre- team race planning via videoconferencing;
  8. Quarterly goal setting and analysis via videoconferencing;
  9. Opportunity to race in a team Alamo 180 kit!


  • IM Ready program participation for aspiring Half and Full Ironman triathletes;
  • Priority and discounted registration on triathlon clinics and swim series;
  • Discounts on Alamo 180 Academy courses (with more courses in the works);
  • Discounts on Training Peaks training plans (if purchased as an add-on);
  • Discounts on sponsor and partner products and services.


Community Membership Level

Community member:

  • Join FREE weekly Social and Community workouts
  • Opportunity to race in a team Alamo 180 kit!

Free. Follow our Community Facebook group to learn about weekly Social and Community workouts!

Weekly Schedule of Events

Club Membership Level

Club Tier 1 member:

Membership benefits include #3-9, plus the bonuses, in the above list.

REGISTER Club Tier 1 $39/mo

Club Tier 2 member:

Membership benefits include #2-9, plus the bonuses, in the above list.

REGISTER Club Tier 2 $69/mo +$15 enrollment fee

Premium Membership Level

Premium Tier 1 member

Full membership benefits include #1-9, plus the bonuses, in the above list.

  • On Premium membership, number of coached classes depends on level you select: Tier 4 = Unlimited coached classes/week; Tier 3=3 coached classes/week; Tier 2=2 coached classes/week; Tier 1 =1 coached class/week.

REGISTER Tier 4 $219/mo +$15 enrollment fee

REGISTER Tier 3 $189/mo +$15 enrollment fee

REGISTER Tier 2 $159/mo +$15 enrollment fee

REGISTER Tier 1 $129/mo +$15 enrollment fee

Add On Services

Accountability & Advice Coaching at $99/month: Have a triathlon coach look at your Training Peaks log providing weekly feedback on your workout and race data, answering your specific questions, and helping hold you accountable to your training and racing goals. Contact info@alamo180.com if you would like more information about this addition to your membership level. Purchase Accountability & Advice Coaching $99/mo

Drop-ins, 5 & 10 Class Passes: Attend the Coached training sessions on a per class basis by purchasing a drop-in, 5 or 10 class pass.

Purchase Drop-in class $20 Purchase 5 class pass $80 Purchase 10 class pass $150

Triathlon Training Schedule: 

Coached Classestraining sessions led by a coach

  • Swim | Tuesdays at 5:30pm & 6:30pm | San Antonio College Natatorium.
  • CrossFit | Monday – Saturday see class schedule here | Alamo 180.
  • Coached classes are for those on Premium Membership level or that have purchased a 5 or 10 class pass

Community Workouts – a community of athletes getting together to train during the week 

  • Social Ride | Mondays at 6pm | Alamo 180 (will resume in spring)
  • Speed Run | Thursdays at 6pm | Edison high school track
  • Long Run | Sundays at 7am | Alamo 180
  • Additional community workouts posted on the Alamo 180 Facebook event page
  • Community workouts are free to attend and open to the public. Bring a friend!


“I love the group idea and that is a completely encompassing program, including strength, daily workouts, and even nutrition as needed and race plans. I have never seen any other group like it and the price can not be beaten, anywhere. The program gives you every tool as long as you use all the tools available, as any endeavor, you have to seek out and complete the work to find success.”

“The program and Coach Bree are amazing! Thanks for preparing me! This race was awesome thanks to all the support of @Alamo180 team! #trisquad#iamatriathelete #myownrace”

The whole Alamo 180 Team is one of the most supportive groups I’ve been part of.

“You guys accepted me as a brand new triathlete with Ironman aspirations when no one else would”

“I am absolutely crazy about everyone on the team! I am beyond blessed that I get to train with you guys! Alamo 180 is truly a very special group of individuals.”

“I was very happy with the Alamo 180 Ironman plan and coaching! I was able to stay injury free unlike the last training plan I followed.”

“I was in a bad car accident 10 years ago that required many months of physical therapy to recover my mobility to where it is today. Until this day, I still struggle with chronic back pain and back spasms on a regular basis, probably from my lack of physical fitness and strength. Because of that, I’ve been intimidated to join any exercise program, not sure if I could complete it or not. I heard great things about Alamo 180 and I  debated for the longest time whether or not I could do this. I decided to just go for it and join the team and do a 180 myself. I want to challenge myself and my body, to prove to myself that my physical limitations won’t stop me from reaching my goals. So far, my first month training with Alamo 180 has been the best I’ve felt in years.”  

“This team is amazing! Thank you Coach Bree for the terrific insight and advice and for just being awesome!!! Seeing everyone out there training and racing, I’m just blown away by all the powerful athletes!”

“This has been the best training. We set ourselves to train hard and to have fun above all. I think we accomplished that! Thanks Coach Bree for your coaching!”

“I’m 100% speechless! This team, these new friends, these fellow athletes….THANK YOU for all of the support, tracking, comments and encouragement and cheers. Each of you are so wonderful! I am humbled to be a member of Alamo 180 and to count myself among Ironman 70.3 finishers. I LOVED EVERY MOMENT!”