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New to Triathlon?

Start here with our Rookie to Race program. Learn the basics of the sport so you can build the right foundation of endurance and skill. The Rookie to Race program is designed to build your confidence and get you ready for your first triathlon! Learn More ›

New to swimming?

Start here with our Beginner Freestyle Swim Series. It’s designed to help you learn how to swim freestyle through a series of steps. Our goal is to decrease the overwhelm so you can learn quickly and easily. Learn More ›

 Triathlon Team

Since 2011, Alamo 180 has coached nearly a thousand triathlon race day finishes. We have a large selection of training programs for the Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full Ironman. Whether your goal is to finish, go faster, or go longer distances, we have a quality program for you! Alamo 180 has USA Triathlon certified coaches, is a USA Triathlon Certified Club and an IRONMAN Tri Club affiliate. Join the team and achieve more with teammates. Become better, together. Learn More ›

Improve your freestyle

Ready to become a better freestyler? Better Freestyle Swim Series is designed to improve your freestyle through a series of steps. Improve your form, power and speed. Our approach is to decrease the overwhelm, so you can improve your stroke quickly and easily. Learn More ›

Custom Triathlon Coaching

Ready to go to the next level in triathlon? Need a plan specifically written for your schedule and training needs? Have a custom plan developed specifically for you and your goals by an expert triathlon coach. Learn More ›

“The program is amazing! Thanks for preparing me! This race was awesome thanks to all the support of @Alamo180 team! #trisquad#iamatriathelete #myownrace”

“This has been the best training. We set ourselves to train hard and to have fun above all. I think we accomplished that! Thanks Coach Bree for your coaching!”

“I love the group idea and that is a completely encompassing program, including strength, daily workouts, and even nutrition as needed and race plans. I have never seen any other group like it and the price can not be beaten, anywhere. The program gives you every tool as long as you use all the tools available, as any endeavor, you have to seek out and complete the work to find success.”