Rookie to Race

Rookie to Race Beginner Triathlon Program

Rookie to Race is Alamo 180’s premier beginner triathlon training program. It’s designed for the motivated individual with the goal of completing their first triathlon. This program has also helped individuals with triathlon experience that were ready to be guided by a coach in order to go the next level in ability and fitness.

How would it feel to…

  • Have someone believe in your dream of doing a triathlon.
  • Check off “complete a triathlon” from your bucket list.
  • Have all the tools needed to succeed in crossing the finish line.
  • Stop struggling to get through the swim, bike, and run.
  • Finally put all three disciplines together with purpose.
  • Be part of a community of motivated individuals to train and race with.
  • Wear a triathlon finisher’s medal around your neck on race day.

It’s ALL possible with Alamo 180’s Rookie to Race program. Let us show you how!

We created the Rookie to Race program when we realized so many individuals were ready to train for their first triathlon, but were overwhelmed with where to begin. For the coaching, they were trying to look for answers on fitness websites and YouTube videos, but they weren’t really getting the help they needed. For the training, they were trying to piece together social rides and runs from local groups, but it lacked cohesiveness. And this problem also affected those that had done a triathlon before. The online resources left them with more questions than answers and they lacked confidence on race day. We’ve studied this problem for years and have found the solution! Here is a little story about how this service impacted the head triathlon coach at Alamo 180:

I, Bree, was a swimmer and runner, but lacked the skills and ability to ride a bike. Becoming a triathlete was my goal and I thought the approach would be easy. I quickly discovered otherwise. I found myself struggling to find friendly and supportive groups to train with. I couldn’t find a swim group, so I ended up swimming alone. I considered myself lucky that I knew how to swim. I joined social runs at a local run store, but had to modify the distances so it would best fit my workout needs. Turning back early usually meant I was running alone.  It took many attempts before I found a beginner friendly cycling group. I can’t tell you how many times that I was dropped on group rides. The worst was when I was dropped on parts of town unfamiliar to me. I made many phone calls to family and friends to come pick me up. I couldn’t build the community I so desperately needed. When it came to the training plan, piecing it together on my own left me with more questions than answers. I would show up race day doubting my readiness. I also showed up on race day with no one to share my joy and accomplishments. It was then I knew there had to be a better way. There had to be a program that included swim, bike and run training all in one location, with the same group of athletes, to truly build endurance, confidence, and community. I created the Rookie to Race program to foster community and education thereby allowing individuals to learn the basics in a safe environment so that they could excel in the sport learn more about Coach Bree

Alamo 180’s Rookie to Race program is your solution!

Here’s what you get in the 6 week program:

  • 15 in-person, coached workouts led by certified USA Triathlon coaches,
  • Easy to follow, detailed training plan for every workout of the 6 week program (coached + on your own workouts),
  • Level A, B and C workouts to ensure all athletes are challenged appropriately: level A – moderate volume, form work, speed work; level B – moderate volume, form work; level C – low volume, form work).
  • PDF handouts diving deeper into triathlon training and racing, as well as nutrition,
  • Educational swim, bike and run videos for additional instruction,
  • Email access,
  • Private Facebook group for extra support,
  • Facebook Live Q&A sessions.

Training Schedule:

  • 6 week program begins July 17.
  • Wednesdays 5:30 pm & 6:30pm Swim workout at San Antonio College pool (offered weekly). *select either class time
  • Thursdays 5:30pm & 6:30pm Run workout at Edison Track (offered weekly). *select either class time 
  • Saturdays 9:00am Bike + Run workout at Olmos Basin Park (offered alternating weekends – 1st, 3rd and 5th).


  • Alamo 180 swim cap to wear for swim workouts and race day.
  • Club workout access with the Alamo 180 Triathlon Team. Club workouts are additional group training opportunities outside of the Rookie to Race program. Gain wisdom by training with a community of experienced triathletes.
  • 10% discount on private swim, bike, run sessions. If you need additional coaching outside of the program, we recommend booking a private session with a triathlon coach.
  • 10% discount on CrossFit class passes so you can compliment your triathlon training with strength training.

After you go through the Rookie to Race program you will:

  • Learn freestyle and breaststroke in order to build the endurance needed to finish the swim,
  • Learn how to safely and properly handle your bike so you can ride with confidence,
  • Learn proper run technique to build endurance, gain speed, and avoid injuries,
  • Learn the most efficient way to set up and execute race day transitions,
  • Lay the right foundation in order to safely and correctly do triathlons,
  • Discover just how fun and do-able triathlons are,
  • Show up on race day confident and ready to toe to the start line.

“The thing I like about the program is how it can help anyone. If there are even experienced triathletes thinking about taking the program I would highly suggest. Coaches Bree and Matt have gone above and beyond to ensure athletes are prepared and most importantly, safe from injuries”

Ready to get started?

Begin your triathlon journey for just $249

Stay tuned for the next Rookie to Race program offered in 2020. If you are wanting to get connected in triathlon right now, check out our Swim Series. You can also receive private coaching through our one-on-one swim, bike and run sessions.

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“So proud of finishing my first triathlon today…thank you Alamo 180 for creating such a fun and supportive training group!”

“Even if you have done a few triathlons and not a Rookie, you will gain so much knowledge that you wish you would have taken it sooner. Everyday, in my training, I am thanking the coaches for preparing me for the sport.”


I can’t swim freestyle. Will I learn how in the program? Yes! Our highly successful approach is to teach you how to swim step by step. We break down freestyle into separate steps – rhythmic breathing, body positioning, kick, arm cycle – so you can work on each one separately and master it before moving onto the next. We follow this same process for breaststroke. We will teach you two strokes (freestyle and breaststroke) to ensure you get through the swim portion of the race. Our approach is to decrease the overwhelm so you can learn quickly and easily.

Is there a certain level of fitness I need to be at in order to join? You do not need any prior triathlon experience to join the Rookie to Race program. However, to ensure your success in the program, please take a moment to look over the minimum requirements: For the swim – be able to put your face in the water and move forward (doggy paddling counts). For the bike – be able to ride at least 2 miles (coasting counts). For the run – be able to walk, jog, or run (or a mix of the three) for 1/2 mile.

Is the Rookie to Race program only for beginners? I’m not new to endurance training and racing, but I am new to triathlon. 
The Rookie to Race program is not just for beginners, it is also designed with the experienced athlete in mind. In fact, many have gone through our program with Half and Full Marathon experience. For those with an endurance background, the program will help lay the right foundation for triathlon – high quality form work, proficiency, speed development, and a safe blending of all three triathlon disciplines. This foundation is key not just for short course triathlons, but also for long course triathlons, i.e. Half and Full Ironman. By having a solid foundation, it allows the athlete to safely increase volume while decreasing injury risk. For the workouts in the training plan, experienced athletes will choose from the Level A workouts (moderate volume, speed development, form work) or Level B workouts (moderate volume, form work). Every workout is set up to ensure that everyone is appropriately challenged.

What if I miss a group workout? You don’t have to attend every group workout. If fact, not everyone can. Life happens. If you happen to miss a group workout, follow the workout details in the Rookie to Race training plan. Access the video library and tune in to the Live Q&A talks to receive quality, virtual instruction.

What equipment do I need? Basic equipment needs to get started: For the swim – goggles and swimsuit. All other swim gear is provided at the pool. For the bike – a safe, working bicycle (cruiser, tri bike, road bike, hybrid, or mountain bike) and helmet. For the run – comfortable run shoes. We will go over additional equipment needs during the program.

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“I did it! This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and I felt so accomplished crossing that finish line! I could not have done this without all the support of my family and friends, and of course, the Alamo 180 coaches and my encouraging teammates! Thank you to all of you!”

Your triathlon finish line is 6 weeks away! Don’t wait another second to make it your reality.

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“Thank you all so much for this experience, I couldn’t have done it without all of you! Thanks for your support and encouragement!”

“Thank you Alamo 180 for creating this program! This program have me the tools, skills, support, and encouragement to do this race!”

If you’ve ever thought you were too old, too overweight, or too slow to do a triathlon…you’re actually at just the right age, just the right weight and at just the right speed to get started.

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Got Qs? Reach out to Coach Bree at bree@alamo180.com or 210-371-6515