Team Race Calendar

2018 Team Race Calendar

Alamo 180 will offer group training programs for the following 2018 races. (click image to enlarge)


Regarding program start dates:

  • Sprint and Olympic group training is offered year-round. If you miss the start date, that’s okay, join us when you can! Start dates are flexible for the short distance races.
  • Half and Full Ironman training, due the nature of the distance, is not as flexible with start dates (like Sprint and Olympic programs). Chat with a coach for the best way to join.
  • If you want custom training, start dates are decided between coach and athlete.


Want to join the team? Click here for information on group training & membership

Are you a beginner wanting to get started? Check out our Rookie to Race programs  Note: If you missed our Rookie to Race program, you can still join the regular triathlon team and make sure to sign up for clinics to get additional instruction. One-on-one coaching sessions are also an option to acceleration your knowledge and proficiency in the sport.