Upcoming Triathlon GROUP Programs

Upcoming Triathlon GROUP Programs

Sprint & Olympic, and Half Ironman GROUP training programs are starting up in May and June!

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Our training programs work and our athletes see results! It’s the perfect mix of speed, strength, endurance and technique. Whether you’re looking to finish (a great goal!) or to set a PR (another great goal!), join our group! Train with a group, push yourself harder than before, train smart, and see results!

We coach form and technique in all three disciplines. You get a lot out of each group workout. We have 4 triathlon coaches, so there’s a wealth of knowledge for you to access. On each group program, you get access to the online training plan/calendar. You also get access to the private FB forum. You also have access to our gym for strength training!

We have updated our training programs & pricing structure. Whatever your schedule, you will find a plan that’s convenient for you! Don’t forget we also offer custom coaching. Reach out to info@alamo180.com if that’s something you’re interested in.

Save the date, invest in yourself and have fun!

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