CrossFit Fundamentals

CrossFit Fundamentals

New to CrossFit?

We find that a lot of people have misconceptions of what CrossFit actually is. Most people know about CrossFit from what they see on TV and social media accounts. They see workouts and competitions from professionals and top performing athletes.

That’s the highlight reel. The perfectly executed movements at insane amounts of weight and done incredibly fast.

What you didn’t see were the behind the scenes. All of those athletes once started at zero. They learned how to do movements with pvc pipes and trainer bars. Learned proper movement patterns before adding weight. You also didn’t get to see the many mistakes they made while they learning. Or see their coaches regularly guide them on how to execute each repetition safely and correctly.

Everybody starts as a beginner. And every beginner should start with safety in mind.

As a beginner to CrossFit, you too can start at zero like they once did.

And let’s be clear – we’re not sending you to the Games. We just want you to be a champion at living a healthy and active life.

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