Bree Soileau 

Co-owner, CEO of Alamo 180

Creator, Nutritionist of Protein First Mindset


I’m Bree, creator of the Protein First Mindset’s Rev Your Metabolism nutrition program

I created it because 1) clients have been asking for a nutrition program for years, and 2) we saw clients follow strict, restrictive, need-a-math-degree-to-count-macros diet plans….that didn’t work for them in the long-term.

While we believe any plan is better than no plan, deep down we knew there was a better way. So we created it! 

I got my degree in nutrition. I became interested in nutrition ever since I was plagued with eating disorders during college. I thought deprivation was the answer (I learned the hard way it was NOT the answer). 

Fun fact: I hate to cook and I love donuts! 

If I can live a healthy lifestyle by balancing my meals and making healthy choices 80% of the time, I can help you do the exact same! And you don’t have to like cooking either! Or give up donuts!

Forget the calorie counting. We teach you a simple formula that focuses on revving the metabolism and puts you in fat burning mode more than fat storing. It’s so simple you don’t need a math degree! 

And now I’m on a mission to help as many men and women break free from the vicious and depressing cycle of dieting.

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