Bree Soileau 

Co-owner, CEO of Alamo 180

Creator, Nutritionist of Protein First Mindset


I’m Bree, creator of the Protein First Mindset program.

I created it because 1) for years clients have been asking for a nutrition program, and 2) diet and exercise is the most effective way to improve health 

While we believe any plan is better than no plan, deep down we knew there was a better way. So we created it! 

I got my degree in nutrition. I became interested in nutrition ever since I was plagued with eating disorders during college. I thought deprivation was the answer. I also thought extreme exercise was the solution. I learned the hard way that neither were the answer.

We address both common misconceptions, along with many other facts, in the Protein First Mindset program.

Fun fact: I hate to cook and I love donuts! 

If I can live a healthy lifestyle by balancing my meals and making healthy choices 80% of the time, I can help you do the exact same! And you don’t have to like cooking either! Or give up donuts!

Forget the calorie counting. We teach you a simple formula that focuses on revving the metabolism and puts you in fat burning mode more than fat storing. It’s so simple you don’t need a math degree! 

We are on a mission to help as many men and women break free from the vicious and depressing cycle of dieting.

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