Jen Moreno

Community Fitness Coach

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Why I Community Fitness: So I can keep up with my very energetic five-year-old son. And to just feel good and strong on a daily bases without feeling worn down. 

My favorite and least favorite workout: Favorite workout is my girl, Linda aka 3 bars of death. Consists of deadlifts, bench press, and Cleans (I love me some weightlifting). Least favorite is any WOD that incorporates running. 

Favorite lift: Deadlifts all day! They make me feel so strong and it challenges my mental game the most. 

Favorite cheat meal: Mashed potatoes with gravy, Boston cream pie, Cheetos, and Oreos. 

What I like most about coaching Community Fitness: To see clients empowered, crushing goals, and doing things they never thought they could do with their bodies, it truly brings me so much joy. I know how it feels to build yourself from the ground up…so, to be part of someone’s journey is the absolute best.