Coach Josh


Josh Sandoval

Head Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) Coach

Personal Trainer



About Coach Josh: 

I served active duty in the United States Navy for 5 years, in which I was a Command Fitness Leader. In my role, I helped train and build sailors to perform optimally on all job related tasks, as well as to be successful in physical readiness assessments. I have continued my passion and knowledge of being a fitness specialist in the military and have become a certified personal trainer and coach. 


  • Bachelors in Kinesiology: Exercise Science14963234_871874692948841_1846773972123590205_n
  • ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist Jan 2017
  • Certified Fitness Trainer: International Sports Sciences Association
  • CrossFit LVL 1
  • Kettle Bell Concepts LVL 1 Instructor
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach

Coaching Accomplishments: 

I have been coaching participants in obstacle racing for 3 years. In that time, I’ve successfully led 30 participants to the finish line. Of that number, 2 regularly finish top 10 in their age group.

Additionally, I have helped countless clients in establishing and achieving their diet and fitness goals.

Athletic Accomplishments: 

I have completed 6 obstacle races, to include a spartan trifecta, and will continue to participate in obstacle racing for years to come.

Josh’s Fitness Philosophy: 

I have spent years developing and learning more about how to effectively train my body, mind and spirit in hopes to impart my knowledge and experience to anyone who is actively seeking help in their health and fitness goals. I firmly believe that consistency and patience is crucial in building and shaping one’s body, and that nutrition is the adhesive that holds it all together. I believe our behaviors and mindset play a pivotal role in how successful one is in their health and fitness journey.  My goal is to help clients have a positive approach to training. 

I’m a constant learner seeking out the latest information and I surround myself with other coaches that have the same training philosophy. I believe that by associating with other like minded individuals, it greatly impacts how we can mold and shape ourselves, and it helps us to stay on the straight and narrow.