Weight Gain May Not Be a Bad Thing

Weight Gain May Not Be a Bad Thing

It’s holiday time and for most of us that means eating…a lot. Many of us will gain weight during the holidays and from a training perspective, that may not necessarily be a bad thing.

According to nutrition and performance coach Krista Austin, Ph.D., putting on 8-12 percent of your body weight can be a  performance enhancer. Research shows that you can put on extra weight and get training adaptations. By training at a heavier weight you’re teaching your body to recruit more motor neurons and muscle fibers (like recruiting more people to work on the assembly line). When your body gets back to original weight, the workers have less work to do, so they last longer before they tire. Muscles work the same way. When you lose the weight, you don’t need as much oxygen and can get more miles to the gallon, so to speak.

So don’t fret with the extra weight you put on over the holidays. Stay positive as you continue your training and get back to your normal “non-holiday” diet and routine. Doing so should shed some of those extra pounds and could make for a better 2012 triathlon season.

What do you think? Do you think weight gain can be a performance enhancer?

-article adapted from Triathlete.com

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