You know what’s good with donuts?

You know what’s good with donuts?

We got you at donuts, didn’t we?!

Who doesn’t love a good donut? We love them so much, we have a family tradition we call Donut Sundays! Every Sunday we enjoy donuts for breakfast.

Here’s the thing – depriving yourself from foods you enjoy eating never ends well.

Food is fuel. Sure, there are more nutritious options, but food is also enjoyment.

We believe in moderation and balance. Our philosophy and passion is to help you look at food differently.

Plus a life without donuts is…well…yeah, let’s not even go there. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life!

We want to normalize less nutritious foods (👋donuts) because it makes it FAR easier to control your intake and you’re less likely to overeat it. We recommend you aim for 80% nutritious foods and 20% less nutrition foods – on a daily basis. The goal is sustainability. You can’t sustain deprivation.

We also want to chat about balance. As in a meal that contains a proper balance of protein, fiber and fat. The right balance puts you in fat burning mode, not fat storing.

So here’s how we recommend you enjoy your donuts:

Option 1: Donut + Protein Coffee click here for the protein coffee recipe

Option 2: Donut + eggs and bacon and/or sausage patties

See what we’re doing there? We’re adding a protein source to balance it all out!

What are some protein sources you enjoy eating with your donut? Share with us! We just might add it in the next newsletter or social media post! We might even add it to our Donut Sundays!

Jeff and Bree Soileau