Exercise Better. Eat Better.
Feel Better.

Where Fitness, Nutrition and Community Meet.

We started Alamo 180 in 2011 because we believed there was a better way to exercise.


We prioritize individuals feeling valued and seen.

We are passionate, highly skilled and educated instructors.

We are committed to offering a better way to health.



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Classes. Open Gym. Nutrition.

We are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness and health goals! 

Whether you love working out in a group or on your own - we have something for you! You can be a top level athlete or just starting out - we meet you where you are! 

Welcome to a community that is going to help you BECOME BETTER!

Community + Fitness:

  • Small sessions capped at 6

  • 60 minute duration

  • Effective workouts using our our proprietary “Signature 6” method that targets your total body for maximum results


Personal Training:

  • Individualized 1:1 sessions

  • 30 & 60 minute duration

  • Effective workouts designed around your health and fitness goals.


Open Gym:

  • Enjoy our gym and equipment as you follow our daily workout or your own

  • Available during Open Gym hours



Need help selecting which offering is best for your goals? Message us!



Group Fitness

Fitness For All

We use MINDBODY for our Community + Fitness scheduling. Download the app and find us: Alamo 180 Multisport + Training. You can see our Class and Open Gym schedule on the app once you set up your FREE account.

If you're ready to start your fitness journey, give us a call and we can walk you through it!

If you would like to talk about scheduling a FREE 1:1 "Low Sweat Intro" session, then click the button below.


Community + Fitness Pricing

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Kettlebells, dumbbells, dumbbell rows, group fitness, group fitness class, community fitness, crossfit

2x Weekly

$124 Monthly on Auto-Debit

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3x Weekly

$159 Monthly on Auto-Debit

Ask about an Annual Plan

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$199 Monthly on Auto-Debit

Ask about an Annual Plan

Ask about Couples & Family discounts

Drop In

$25 a class


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